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Duplicate Content: can it harm my website?
Yes duplicate content can hurt your website, many cases have been reported for years.
The Official Google communication is now clear about duplicate content, Zineb (Google Webmaster Trends Analyst) answered this question : "Yes duplicate content can hurt your website".
In all cases, some websites can hurt your SEO, you have to permantly monitor your website to take action quickly.
You say you have the best duplicate content detection tool: prove it!
Ok just do a check of other tools on the market and compare the results and rates.
Who are the competitors?
Copyscape that does not give results in real time and has trouble with some encodings and some pages or PlaggSpoter return no results when our service detects all the duplicate content.
Our tool can handle the problem from A to Z: starting from the detection of duplicate, easily sort the true duplicate from the false duplicate, customized solution with holder mail detection, address plagieur, DMCA Service (Google, WordPress, Facebook ...), automatic mail generation, permanent monitoring, protect your content automaticaly.
Can you help me to remove the bad duplicate content?
Yes we have help you : : just send us an email.
Is there an API?
Yes ! Just GO here to buy credits to start using our API !
I need to use Kill Duplicate but I do not want to subscribe, I just need to test 500 URLs for a website immediately, how can I do that?
Just take a subscription that allows you to scan 500 pages (Master), make your scan and then you can stop your subscription when you want during the month. You can export all data to excel format and get all PDF reports.
Ok I have a lot of duplicates, what can I do?
View this video that explains how to use KillDuplicate.
Why I do not have remainnig quotas this week?
If you take for example the Master subscription, every week you can monitor 500 URLs so 2000 URLs per month. You can monitor one or more websites, for example you can monitor 500 homepages of 500 different websites or a single website with 500 pages.
Can I add subdomains ?
When you add a website, you have an option for adding subdomains. If you check this option, you will be able to add webpages for any subdomains of your domain. If the subdomains option is activated, we never considerate duplicate content on subdomains.